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PLATE SMASHING: ‘OPA’ The Greek custom you want to know about

Plate Smashing

From its ancient origins, the Greek word “Opa!” can be viewed from two different perspectives, one side refers to the inspiring, enthusiastic expression that is often heard during a celebration; the other refers very seriously to the human need to remain alert, look out for any possible “danger” that could exist.

In the Greek Culture, “Opa!” is a word that is often heard on a special celebration. Most likely, it’s heard at some places when someone breaks an object, representing this action part of the celebration. It could be used in restaurants, nightclubs, weddings, or Greek festivals when people are dancing by the music. The idea is to create an enthusiastic moment with a word that represents it very well.

The literal meaning of Opa!” is more like “Oops” or “Whoops!” Among Greeks, you might hear it many times after someone drops or breaks an object, commonly using plates.

Plate smashing is a Greek custom involving the smashing of plates or glasses during celebratory occasions. The custom probably derives from an ancient practice of ritually “killing” plates on happy occasions, as a means of celebration.

You cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy Ilios OPA! celebration and enjoy our plate smashing while a great atmosphere unfolds during your experience, witnessing part of the fantastic Greek Culture in Mexico. Book now!

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