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Greek cuisine

Greek gastronomy is characterized by its varied flavors and the simplicity of its preparation, making it one of the best in the world.

The use of a few types of meat and carbohydrates and many and very varied plant foods is based on it. Olive oil is also very present, which contains mainly monounsaturated fats and reduces cardiovascular risk.

Taking into account the above, we want to share some information that you probably did not know about Greek cuisine:

  • It is the Greeks who established the foundations of gastronomy as we know them today since in this civilization the chef who prepares unheard of and innovative dishes emerged as an important figure.
  • Dozens of studies have shown the positive effect of eating a balanced Greek diet on health, beauty, and longevity.
  • A deeply ingrained social custom is when Greeks share a meal with their friends at home, in a restaurant, or in a tavern.
  • Greek cuisine is based on four pillars: fresh ingredients of good quality, correct use of aromas (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil, and simplicity.
  • The most famous table wine in Greece is Retsina, which owes its name to the taste of resin, an element used in the past to better preserve the product in clay pots.
    -20% of olive oil production takes place in Greece.

At Ilios Greek Estiatorio you will get to know the best of Greek gastronomy so you can delight your palate with the most significant dishes of this fascinating region. Do not miss out on this fantastic culinary experience from December 2020.

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